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Industrial Design and Product Development


Konawalik, Profusa

A graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Kris began his career in the International Design Group at Graco Children’s Products. From there Kris has gone on to create successful products for design consultancies including Paramount, Speck, Hiemstra, Spark Factor and Sand Studios.  His expertise spans industries including consumer electronics, peripherals, medical devices and watercraft components. His passion for design in addition to a wealth of manufacturing and materials knowledge has also benefited clients including Channel Medsystems, EMKinetics, Potrero Medical, and Profusa.

In addition to his career in Product Design, as a digitizing and CAD modeling specialist, Kris has created digital character models for feature films. His work can be seen in “The Matrix“ trilogy and “Evolution”.

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Konawalik, Channel Medsystems, Cerene, Cryotherapy Device, Endometrial Ablation